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Wednesday, 10 August 2022
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Bill Jones' Blogs

Rule 5: Scoring and Timing - End of Period Foul

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Section III—End of Period
a. Each period ends when time expires.

(2) If the official’s whistle sounds prior to :00.0 on the clock, the period is not over and time must be added to the clock.

One of the most missed administrations of basketball is the foul call at the end of the period. Let's think about it.

A foul is called simultaneously to the sound of the horn ending the period. The most common administration is to end the period with the player who was fouled to attempt 2 free throws. After the attempt, the period is over.

Can you have a foul with the game clock at zero?

If there was a foul with the game clock at zero, what is the penalty and administration?

At the PRO-AM level, this should be automatic that the penalty and administration for a foul during live ball is completely different than foul that occurred during a dead ball. This should be consistent at all levels of basketball.

Keep your game professional. Whether it's a stopped clock game or not, you always apply the correct penalty and administration of the foul. Which includes the clock, and should be re-adjusted to reflect the correct penalty and administration of the foul.


Crew chief stuff!!


Rule 4: Definitions - Fouls consistency

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Section IV—Fouls

a. A common personal foul is illegal physical contact which occurs with an opponent after the ball has become live and before the horn sounds to end the period. If time expires before the personal foul occurs, the personal foul should be disregarded, unless it was unsportsmanlike.

A foul is a foul. Illegal physical contact on another player in the game is a foul. Regardless if it happens at the first minute of the game or at the final minute of the game. A foul is still a foul.

When it should be called, and when it should not be called is another key that separates officials. Regardless of what you call as fouls and non-fouls, make sure that your crew is consistent on that same plays.
Pick and choose your fouls. The play which you called a loose ball foul at the beginning of the game, should result as the same loose ball foul at the end of the game.

Crew chief stuff!!

Rule 2: Officials and their Duties: Jewelry

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b. The officials shall not permit players to play with any type of jewelry.


Many players wear head/ear-phones with music during warm-up. Some even sport their favorite 24K carat gold chain while doing layups, but that doesn't mean the player will wear that in the game.

How many of us have been the fashion police prior to the game?

"Make sure you take off that earing!"
"The nose ring needs to come off."

Sometimes this may come as an irritant to both officials and players because we're not the fashion police. So it doesn't matter to me if you take that earing off or not. But you will not be allowed to enter the game with any jewelry.


Rule 3: Player, Substitutes and Coaches - Uniform

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Section VI—Uniforms (Players Jerseys)
a. Each player shall be numbered on the front and back of his jersey with a number contrasting with the color of the shirt.


I've seen many variations of taping on a jersey to make new player numbers. I've seen them with duct tape, masking tape, and even clear invisible scotch tape. Hey, whatever works!

Some of us don't even care if the taping is hanging on by the final stages of the adhesive. By the end of the game, those tapes have fallen onto the court without care.

Well, you should. As a part of being a next-level official, make sure your games are presentable to the best of their ability. If the team hasn't fixed the player's falling number, it's not our responsibility to correct the jersey.  But making the extra effort you prevented the following:

  • Constant stoppage in the game to fix the number.
  • Inability to identify the player's number to report the foul.
  • Looks like a "pick-up" game.

Make sure the player looks presentable prior to entering into the game.

Crew chief stuff!!

Rule 1: Court Dimensions-Equipment: Restricted Area Markings

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Section I — Court and Dimensions

i. A Restricted Area shall be marked with a half-circle 4’ from the center of the basket ring and then parallel to the lane line to the face of the backboard with a solid two-inch line.


What happens on an RA call, when there are no RA markings on that one side of the court?

At the PRO-AM level, we know that we need to keep consistent on the rule that we're bending.
That's easy.  It's when the crew encounters the "surprise factor" in the game that can cause chaos.

Do not let the game result in a scenario in which the crew is unaware of inconsistent markings on the court.

If you call an RA play with no RA markings, make sure the same play is reflected against the other team on the other end.  

Prior to the start of the game, verify all court markings are consistent on both ends of the court. At the NBA level, these courts are already verified prior to the start of each game. You may be officiating at a PRO-AM level which you may have to make an extra effort to ensure you and your crew to have a good game.

Crew chief stuff!!


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