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Friday, 20 May 2022
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Rule 5: Scoring and Timing - End of Period Foul

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Section III—End of Period
a. Each period ends when time expires.

(2) If the official’s whistle sounds prior to :00.0 on the clock, the period is not over and time must be added to the clock.

One of the most missed administrations of basketball is the foul call at the end of the period. Let's think about it.

A foul is called simultaneously to the sound of the horn ending the period. The most common administration is to end the period with the player who was fouled to attempt 2 free throws. After the attempt, the period is over.

Can you have a foul with the game clock at zero?

If there was a foul with the game clock at zero, what is the penalty and administration?

At the PRO-AM level, this should be automatic that the penalty and administration for a foul during live ball is completely different than foul that occurred during a dead ball. This should be consistent at all levels of basketball.

Keep your game professional. Whether it's a stopped clock game or not, you always apply the correct penalty and administration of the foul. Which includes the clock, and should be re-adjusted to reflect the correct penalty and administration of the foul.


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