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Friday, 01 July 2022
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Rule 3: Player, Substitutes and Coaches - Uniform

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Section VI—Uniforms (Players Jerseys)
a. Each player shall be numbered on the front and back of his jersey with a number contrasting with the color of the shirt.


I've seen many variations of taping on a jersey to make new player numbers. I've seen them with duct tape, masking tape, and even clear invisible scotch tape. Hey, whatever works!

Some of us don't even care if the taping is hanging on by the final stages of the adhesive. By the end of the game, those tapes have fallen onto the court without care.

Well, you should. As a part of being a next-level official, make sure your games are presentable to the best of their ability. If the team hasn't fixed the player's falling number, it's not our responsibility to correct the jersey.  But making the extra effort you prevented the following:

  • Constant stoppage in the game to fix the number.
  • Inability to identify the player's number to report the foul.
  • Looks like a "pick-up" game.

Make sure the player looks presentable prior to entering into the game.

Crew chief stuff!!

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