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Saturday, 26 November 2022
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Tom Drakeford's Blogs

New Judgement on Non-Basketball Moves

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The game may be getting better to watch. 

The NBA is looking to lessen any non-basketball moves that are intended to draw fouls.  Legitimately, the intentions are to probably increase the integrity of the game from players, coaches, and officials.  The ability to make a judgment on what looks like a foul, but may not be a foul is getting more difficult.  The officials' capability to judge intentions by players is now inevitable.  

NBA officials will reportedly be trained to identify and penalize some of the following non-basketball moves:

  • launching into defender
  • abruptly veering off path
  • kicking leg at an abnormal angle
  • hooks defender with an off-arm

This may be good for the league.  It now forces the players to maintain basketball moves on offense and defense during the game at all times.  All other extracurricular activities will not be tolerated.  

As John has mentioned in a article about the upcoming rule changes in the 2021/22 NBA Season.  The video below is a type of play, which the league is abolishing.  As Tre Young drives to the basket, the unnatural motion was to abruptly slow down in an attempt to create a collision with the trailing defender.   


These plays that were designed with the intention to draw fouls were invented a long time ago.  The next play is another type of play that pump fakes the defender in the air, and shooter jumping into the defender.


If you pump fake a defender in the air, you must shoot around the defender.  Otherwise this may be considered as a non-shooting foul, but will count against the penalty.  And in certain scenarios/plays, this will now be an offensive foul.  Check this play from Mac Mclung during the NBA Summer League.


Your thoughts?






PRO-AM 2023

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 dan crawford

We hope that all our brothers and sisters are taking care of ourselves during this time of uncertainty.  We've heard from many teams around the United States that are very anxious to return to the National City Leagues PRO-AM National Championships in Las Vegas.  Many officials have expressed their dedication to staying connected to game, and are looking to return to the floor.  

IPABOA will do its very best to develop and provide training tools and resources online for you to continue your self-development.  Of course, we all know that the best development is always hands-on and in-person.  We too are waiting patiently to be back on the floor.  

We expect to be back in Las Vegas sometime in the near future. 

April 2023.  

Take care of yourselves.




Shared Housing Now Available

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summerlin-centre-west-homes-300x189_300.jpgSo we finally got things situated with a plan which should definitely help out everyone in financial costs.

Annually, the IPABOA camp is held in Las Vegas.  For past years, campers from all over the United States have attended our camp even for multiple years there on out.  Many of us travel alone from far distances and have invested greatly into developing your officiating career.   

Shared housing is now available for reservation.  Here’s an opportunity for you to save money while at camp in Las Vegas, and at the same time interact with other officials at the camp.  There are also meal plans which you can add to your room.  Instead of eating out every night, you can save money by eating at home.

The following link will direct you to the shared housing page.




2020 IPABOA Camp/Clinic Memo

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The International Pro-Am Basketball Officials Association Camp/Clinic will be held this year in Las Vegas, NV. The dates to the camp are April 29th to May 3rd, 2020 in conjunction with The Del-Val USA Sports/National Pro-Am Tournament.

Officials will be selected from the camp/clinic to officiate the tournament. Officials must be members of the I.P.A.B.O.A. or officials submitted by other professional programs in order to work the tournament.

The camp/clinic will consist of classroom instruction as well as physical preparation.
Please come to camp in condition to officiate basketball at this level. The camp is not a conditioning or exercise program. The gym portion of the camp is to insure us that you have the ability to perform at this level.

NBA rule book may be downloaded from the website IPABOA.com upon your registration.

Tom Drakeford
Director of Officiating
Bill Jones
Official’s Coordinator

Continuous Skill Development

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One of the best strategies I’ve seen in developing basketball skills as a team and player is to trainnba referees replay center.jpg through competing against players and teams that are far more physical, faster and bigger than you and/or your team.  If you are a 6th grader, you have a better chance of furthering your basketball skills by competing against 7th and 8th graders as oppose to competing against other 6th graders.  I’ve seen many teams lose badly by playing up several grades in many tournaments one year, come back the next year and compete as a top-level team in the championship game.  You need to get beat up by 70 or 80 points several times in a game, and knocked down physically by your opponent before you get better.

191023121104-jenna-schroeder-nba-referee-large-169.jpgThe IPABOA camp will provides a similar opportunity as a Game Official.  These players competing in this tournament are grown adults that are former Division I and current overseas players.  The speed of the game is far faster than your typical JC, DII and DII games.  These players are competing for money, so the pressure is more elevated than your typical camp.  If you want to become a better official, you need to put yourself in dire situations which will test your knowledge and physicality of the game.  If you want to be the best you need to understand your limits and compete with the best.  Are you in basketball shape?  Maybe you have a problem with learning and applying the rules properly within the game.  Are you a classroom person?  Have you evaluated yourself on tape?

As a Referee, we need to re-invest into the development of our Officiating career.  The players, coaches and fellow officials in the area which you officiate basketball deserves your training.   Your supervisor will appreciate your pro-active developmental training.  And most of all, you deserve the development on a yearly basis. r201484_1296x729_16-9.jpg

A key point to performing as a great official is to clearly understand where we stand in our skill level.  As we open ourselves with a clear unbiased mind, we should always look to accept criticism at every level.  Not all criticisms are constructive criticisms. It is up to you to pick and choose what you feel is valid and fully develop your skills from those feedbacks.  You should take back the values you learn from our camp and share it with your Association to elp develop your fellow Officials.

I hope to see you all at camp.


Tom Drakeford

Camp Director, IPABOA


2020 IPABOA Clinic and National Tournament

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To all I.P.A.B.O.A members and non-members who will be attending the 2020 clinic and national tournament in Las Vegas, NV.

All I.P.A.B.O.A. members who are working the national tournament are required to attend the clinic. All officials’ members and non-members shall arrive by April 27th, 2020.

First session begins at 1:00 PM. on April 27th, 2020.

Uniform for the tournament Pro-Am official shirt, black slacks, belt less and official shoes, either white or black stripe.

If you are working in a winter Pro-Am please check with your assignor to see if you have been selected to attend the nationals, if not please contact this office to check your status.



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