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Sunday, 26 March 2023
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John Guerreros' Blogs

2021-22 Points of Education: Freedom of Movement

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Another key element to making the game better.  We so often missed these types of fouls, which philosophy of advantage and disadvantage comes into consideration.  A new consideration to keep in mind is the ability of players on offense and defense to freely move during play.  For example, keeping a clean entry pass to the post player forces the defender to give the post player the freedom of movement to receive the entry pass without any pushes or holds.

The potential hindered freedom of movement can be judged by observing both the defensive and offensive players' rhythm, speed, balance.  Any illegal re-routes forced by defender are fouls.  





2021-22 Points of Education: Bench Decorum

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In a second part of the video released by Monty McCutchen, he talks about bench decorum. 

Sometimes the bench can have a big impact in the play.  This is not necessary for the game and will no longer be tolerated.  The crowd in the stands is not directly a part of the game.  The bench personnel is a part of the game, but can not be a part of live ball action.

Please checkk out the video below.



The Warrant of an Ejection

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Ejecting a player/coach from the game is no easy task.  Matter of fact, certain ejections bring confusion and chaos to the game when it isn’t warranted.  I stumbled across a discussion online about justifying an ejection in baseball.  (https://umpire-empire.com/topic/65264-what-warrants-an-ejection/)

Very similar with sportsmanship and respect for the game, they utilize the 3 P’s (Personal, Prolonged, and Profane) to constitute an ejection. I’d thought I’d share this with you.

Let’s take a look at this play that resulted in an ejection.


As Lou Williams began to react to the questionable call by the official, he prolonged his reaction.  As it prolonged, it became profane.  The technical was issued.  The second technical was automatic as it became personal.  The ejection was self-explainable.

Here’s another clip.  Players from opposite teams do play around with each other sometimes during dead ball.  During those times, it may look weird, but the intension may not be there.  There was no profane, no prolonged but a possible personal.  This ejection was almost confusing.

 A single technical foul can be warranted for an ejection.  You don't have to be a basketball professional to know what constitutes an ejection.  An ejection should be an action by a player or coach, that speaks for itself with no explanation.  Rethink your game if you find yourself explaining why that ejection was warranted.


Prelude to the Fight

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fight kevin love



A very difficult moment to manage that throws every game off instantly.  Some officials can stop it by forcefully over-officiating every foul in the game, but you can ruin what could be a good game.  Take a look at these plays, which resulted in the game going out of control. 


Fouls and irritants that we allow to happen in the game we encourage.  When we don’t get the first foul, every foul after that usually gets worse until a foul is called.  If the game got out of control, it must have been the result of at least one of the following:

  • Not enough fouls were called, which turned into a physical game.
  • A lot of disrespectful talking between the players was allowed in the game.
  • Call inconsistency.

I’m sure I may be missing a few points which can let the game out of control.  The point of this article is when to catch it prior to it completely folding.

You can’t stop players from committing stupid and/or hard fouls.  It’s a part of the game.  These hard fouls tend to lead to fights breaking out.  There is one thing that is consistent prior to every fight that breaks out in sports.

The longer the players that are involved in the play stay close together after every hard/crucial foul, a fight is potential.  As an official, we must stay connected to the play after the foul has been called until the players are separated from each other.



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