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Sunday, 26 March 2023
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John Guerreros' Blogs

Trae Young Changes Rules to the Game

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traeyoung rule

Trae Young and James Harden to name a couple has done it!!!  They've changed the rules of the game. Analysts have spoken for years about how the rule book favors offense greatly.

Defensive player are being charged for fouls, which contact was created by the shooter. And understandably, fans of the NBA have become quite infuriated with time, about the whole situation.  It's something to consider as the game is changing yearly.  More and more strategies are being developed to trick the referees into calling a foul.


In response to this, the league has finally decided to take a long hard look at their rule book.

Be ready to see the changes in the upcoming season.

NBA Summer League returns in 2021

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NBA Summer League is back!  I like watching these games because it’s a great way to continue your officiating development in the off-season at the professional level.  I’ve watched a few of the games online, and have seen lots of opportunities for video break down.  Overall, the officiating crew performed great.

Frank has play break down on certain plays in his blogs.  Don't forget to check his blogs.  I put together a few link of games I thought would be great to break down plays.

Thunder vs. Pistons

Warriors vs Thunder

Kings vs Celtics

Pacers vs Thunder

Spurs vs Thunder













Connected to the Game

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One of the most important aspect to a good game is to be 100% connected to the 5eda556795.0.jpeggame especially as a fan.  Believe it or not, sometimes fans can play a factor to players’ performances during the game.  Compared to players and officials, fans are usually connected on average 40% of the time in the game.  When there is a good flow to the game, it is easy for everyone to stay connected to the game.  It is very difficult to stay connected to the game when the flow is disrupted many times through-out the game.   We must understand the jurisdiction of our job on the basketball court.  Does our job start as we enter the parking of the gym?  Or does it start during the warmup?  How we management the game before tip, during game play and after last horn is absolutely key to the development of the game.

In a game which there are multiple delays due to non-playing issues becomes a nuisance to everyone.  Lakers-Spurs-Basketball-6-2.jpgAt the pre-JV level of basketball, your typical game may not consist of a proper table crew such as a game announcer, book keeper from both teams, or even game and shot clock operator(s).  Sometimes at best, they only know what they’re doing half of the time thereby awarding scores and fouls to the wrong team.  It is here where it is very common for fans to fall asleep during the game.  Players lose their rhythm due to delays in the game.  Teams lose their chemistry to make the game flow.  Teams will need more playing time as the game progress to re-develop a proper chemistry.   Players will need more minutes to get warmed up again, thereby making the game a less interesteing to watch.    

So then, why is it our job as Referees to make sure the table tally the scores and fouls, and that the scorebooks are on point?  Why is it our responsibility that the two scorekeepers have different scores in the same game?  As a Game Official, we must ensure the proper administration of the game in its entirety.

During the pre-game, it is our job as a Referee to ensure that the shot clock horn and game clock horn are 2207lg_24e9822bba2c2dd182193f43e5913a55.jpgdistinguished and in operation.  Your table crew understands and are capable of performing their duties competently during the game.  Develop your own technique with your table crew.   Understand their skill level and work with them.  Nuisances such as repeated phone usage by table personnel will increase your margin of error during the game.  Your fouls and violations are to be reports once in the game.  Very seldom should you have to repeat your fouls to the table.  For example, when you report your foul to the table, everyone at the table should repeat the same foul.  At that point, everyone at the table should know who the foul is on and what to do next. 

Come to camp.  We’ll talk more about strategies and techniques on how to improve your game management and always have a good game.



John Guerrero 

Game Management Specialist, IPABOA



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Tribute to Kobe Bryant

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"Not even in my dreams," Bryant said. "That was something that just happened. It's tough to explain. It's just one of those things.”












It was January 22, 2006, the Los Angeles Lakers played host to the Toronto Raptors.  The Raptors at that time was led by Chris Bosh, Anthony Parker, T.J. Ford and Nesterovic.  The Raptors put on a show for Laker fans at the Staple center controlling the first half with a 63 to 45 lead over the Lakers.  Along the side of Kobe were Lamar Odom, Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm and Luke Walton, who played off the bench. 


A sensational job by our officiating crew of the game who were Crew Chief Kevin Fehr, Referee 1 was Bill Kennedy and Bill Spooner who was the Referee 2. Comparing the 2005/2006 season to the current 2019/2020 season, our officials still upholds a strong sense of presence and professionalism on the court; very similar to today’s officials.  In my opinion call selection hasn’t changed too much.  Our new uniform definitely makes us look more fitted for today’s basketball.


Re-watching the game on youtube again brought back memories of when I watched it live.  Being a native to the southern California, it was tough to watch the Lakers as a team struggle as a team.  In what seems like a game that was spiraling out of control, Kobe led the way with 26 points in the first half.  With very little support from Andrew Bynum who was still nurturing an injury, everyone knows that Kobe has to be the guy that needs to step up and carry the team. You can tell by the way Kobe was playing, that something was going to happen.  At that point of the game, I thought how amazing it would be to witness Kobe Bryant score 100 points in this game, in a classic “Kobe comeback” to win on a last second possession.  Well it almost happened that way.  As I watched him score basket after basket unconsciously, it started to look like familiar scene from a past performance by Wilt Chamberlain. By the 4th period, everyone started passing the ball the Kobe.  The Raptors had no answer.

20120214_dn_g1high14s_original_crop_north.jpegHe didn’t break the 100-point record as Wilt Chamberlain did in the 1962, nor was there a last second shot to win the game.  But it was truly an honor to watch Kobe score 81 points in a game to comeback and watch him carry the Lakers to a 122-104 victory over the Toronto Raptors. 

Immediately following Kobe’s death, a petition was received by more than 2 million online signatures at change.org, to change the NBA logo to a silhouette of Kobe Bryant. It was previously a silhouette of Jerry West, who three years ago told ESPN that he longer wants to be the NBA “Logo”. 

Although both are considered as legends to the game, how can you determine who should be the next “Logo” of the NBA. How about Michael Jordan or even Shaquille O’Neal?  I believe both are great candidates and should be considered for the title.  Let’s not forget about Bill Russell who has won an astonishing 11 titles during his 13-year career. 

I would agree with Jerry West.  Such prestigious symbol should be reserved for a non-living legend to the game.  It would make more sense.  As oppose to it being Kobe Bryant, there are others that I thought would also be best candidates for the “Logo”.  Sure, it could be Michael Jordan, who is also considered as one of the greatest of all time to ever play the game.  Bill Russell should definitely stand out as an over-achiever to the game.  Both are still alive.  If there is another controversy about changing the logo again at the time which either passes, then we can hold that up for discussion.

Very similar to officiating.   Sometimes time, possession and score plays a key role in officiating the game other than just calling fouls and violations.  Bill Russell and Michael Jordan are both living legends.  We have grown through-out the years, as we realize the image of the “Logo” wants change.  The score has changed as we lost a brother, a competitor and a comrade to the game.  This is the opportunity to let a great contributor to the game live on.  No other time is worth it then now.

So yes, I agree with the petition to change the NBA logo to Kobe Bryant’s silhouette.  Your thoughts and comments are welcomed.













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