Rule 7: Shot Clock - Expired Clock?

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Section II—Starting and Stopping of Shot Clock

j. If an official inadvertently blows his/her whistle and the shot clock buzzer sounds while the ball is in the air, play shall be suspended and play resumed by a jump ball between any two opponents at the center circle, if the shot hits the rim and is unsuccessful. If the shot does not hit the rim, a shot clock violation has occurred. If the shot is successful, the goal shall count and the ball inbounded as after any successful field goal. It should be noted that even though the official blows his/her whistle, all provisions of the above rule apply.


The higher the level of basketball you officiate, the less often this should happen. At least now, you are aware of it and know how the rulebook instructs us to administer the play.

Even at the higher level of basketball, the most typical administration is to put 1 second back on the shot clock and resume play. That is not how the rule book implies us to administer.



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