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Thursday, 01 June 2023
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Rule 1: Court Dimensions-Equipment: Restricted Area Markings

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Section I — Court and Dimensions

i. A Restricted Area shall be marked with a half-circle 4’ from the center of the basket ring and then parallel to the lane line to the face of the backboard with a solid two-inch line.


What happens on an RA call, when there are no RA markings on that one side of the court?

At the PRO-AM level, we know that we need to keep consistent on the rule that we're bending.
That's easy.  It's when the crew encounters the "surprise factor" in the game that can cause chaos.

Do not let the game result in a scenario in which the crew is unaware of inconsistent markings on the court.

If you call an RA play with no RA markings, make sure the same play is reflected against the other team on the other end.  

Prior to the start of the game, verify all court markings are consistent on both ends of the court. At the NBA level, these courts are already verified prior to the start of each game. You may be officiating at a PRO-AM level which you may have to make an extra effort to ensure you and your crew to have a good game.

Crew chief stuff!!


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